Monday 28 September 2015

Tokyo Filming Is Complete!

By Branko | Vienna In Love

It's a nice evening and I'm on a plane heading to Greece. I am off to catch some sun rays and to relax on the beach because we just finished filming the final part of our new music video for our song 'Tokyo' and the time has come to have a little break. The past year has been quite intense for Vienna In Love with preparations for our forthcoming album release 'Resistance', and so I've decided to take some time out in late September.

It's taken many things during the past four years to get to this point and no matter how much one does, there's always more that can be done. My old time friend and successful guitar player Herman Li from Dragonforce said to me in the past, "there is no one thing that defines success, but a series of many things."

They say that when you continue to work hard, you'll see results. In the meantime, we strive towards the challenge and continue working away all that we can. We're happy to have completed another leg of the journey with our music video Tokyo, as we now enter the realms of post-production and visual effects. We look forward to sharing the results.

See you at Kurro-Tekk in the year 2029!

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Tuesday 11 December 2012


It was New Year's Eve 2011, the celebrations were in full force as I caught myself in thought, "So...I wonder what 2012 will have in store?" Secretly, in the back of mind I had hoped that this year in particular would be somewhat that extra special...and it was. In 2012 Vienna In Love played EXIT Festival in Serbia, Novi Sad.  Of course, it was a dream come true.   

However, just like every rock'n'roll story, some of the the basics were an absolute nightmare in moments, like when we arrived at the airport to board our flight to Serbia. We were scheduled to fly with Wizz Air who couldn't have been a worse choice in that we had to purchase two 'additional' plane tickets (at full cost) in order to take our guitars on board - only to later find the stewardess telling us that they need to be stored at the back of the aeroplane. So.. a word of warning to musicians.. please be aware and try to avoid this airline if at all possible when travelling, otherwise be prepared to purchase extra adult fare airline tickets for your instruments. The discomfort, however, was soon forgotten as we landed at Serbia's 'Nikola Tesla Airport' on a beautiful and warm summer's day. 

The temperatures were soaring and we were all super excited to be there. Our first stop was at a Serbian restaurant to enjoy some delicious cuisine. And, so the adventures began.

Our Serbian bass player Predrag was a a fantastic host. One of the places he took us to in Belgrade to rehearse was called the 'Bigz' building. The building is a gigantuous pre World War II architectural landmark from Yugoslavia's former golden age of Socialism. It is now considered a cultural and social gathering spot for artists and musicians. The building was so cool inside and was covered in graffiti everywhere and looked like something from the movie fight club or from a post apocalyptic science fiction movie. However, we started off with a bit of difficulty when the lift got stuck on our way to the thirteenth floor containing the four of us and all of our equipment, whilst the alarm was out of order and the temperatures outside almost touching on 40 degrees celcius. 

The Bigz building - Belgrade

To make matters even worse, there was nobody nearby to assist us. At this point it began to feel less like a science fiction movie and more like a horror film. “Hello people, anybody there?”, Predrag called, to which he was greeted with silence. We waited patiently hoping that somebody would soon answer but nothing. What started off as a joke was now becoming more of a nightmare. Where was everybody? Surely, somebody must be close by somewhere.  Suddenly to our surprise, the  lift began moving on its own accord and finished off its journey to the "thirteenth" floor. Might I add, we wouldn't be using the lif for the remainder of the day and instead we opted to transfer the remainding equipment by foot.


At midnight Predrag took us to the top of the building where the rooftop overlooks Belgrade by night at one of the highest points of the city. High in the sky beneath the moon. It was a gorgeous warm summer evening to the back drop of a live jazz band. It was beautiful. Suddenly, the mobile rang, our tour manager Dragan (Toza) reminded us that we need to be up early in order to be up and ready for the studios of RTS1 (Radio Television Serbia Channel 1) where we were due at 9am with famous and fun TV & Radio Presenters Gorica and Dragan on their show 'Budjenje' ('Waking Up'). We had to go home and get some rest.

The alarm rang and we were up on our feet as breakfast was served. We had so much fun that morning. We loved meeting our new friends Gorica, Dragan, and their lovely assistant Bojana who greeted us in the lobby. We were about to be featured on a very famous morning television and radio show in Serbia. 

Later that day, we were called out to by passers by in Belgrade and Novi Sad. We then realised as it dawned upon us that they had recognised us from morning television. Some of them approached us said they'd come and see us play, which was really nice.

Our hotel in Novi Sad was great. On the day of EXIT, there was a lot commotion at the hotel with friends, family members, and press coming to meet us ahead of the evening’s concert, which was fast approaching.

It was an amazing experience and the atmosphere was great. We had our own backstage with refreshments and food. After our show we made towards the press photo call centre where the band was interviewed live for Novi Sad Radio. Gossip put on a great performance that night, and finally Duran Duran who performed all their awesome hits from the 80's. 

The following day, our beloved New Order took to the stage with a really emotive performance, including some of the best songs ever written such as “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “Transmission” from Joy Division.

Thanks Exit and Novi Sad. Novi Sad is a beautiful city and Exit is amazing! The people were so warm and friendly towrards and the vibe was electric!

SAT TV show - 'Night's In White Satin':


Thank you Serbia, see you again soon! :)